Saturday, January 17, 2009


Here is Ella chatting away with her friend Taylor. I love hearing these little conversations, they are so hilarious. I just didn't think we'd be having these moments so soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Boy, we love playmobil. Ella and Ben got a few sets for Christmas and although they can sometimes be a big job assembling them (it took Mark, Crystal & I 3 hours straight to put the hospital together), it is well worth it. The kids play with it for hours.

He's trouble alright!

Charlie is on the move. He wants to go everywhere. He's not all that interested in toys these days, but rather my open dishwasher, remote controls, tupperware drawer, etc, etc.......

But at, what a sweet angel.

A few favorite pictures from the holidays....

These really aren't 'holiday-ish' pictures, but here a few favorites from the holidays. This past holiday was hard, but it was so good to be surrounded by family and friends who kept us busy and well-loved.

I love it when the kids pile up in my bed and watch a family favorite movie. In this case 'A Christmas Story' - you'll shoot yer eye out!

Ben got Martian Matter, a gooey martian making kit where you can design martians in moulds, fill them with liquid goo, and then disect them. A 4 year old boy's dream come is actually quite fun :)

Even though it was frigidly cold we still bundled up to climb the big snow hill behind grandma & grandpa's house.

Charlie gets plenty of baths in grandma's kitchen sink. He fits just perfect.

We went to Grand Forks for a couple days with the Drolet's & the Tester's, shopped a bit, played in the pools LOTS! I don't know how many times Ben & I went down the big waterslide. Ella is a fan of the hot tub (just like her momma!).

My cousin Roberta knit these adorable toques for us. Seems like she was on a toque making bonanza this Christmas! Thanks, Roberta!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


My 2008 Christmas kit BONBON at Little Dreamer Designs.

Neighbor Ladies

My neighbor ladies went out for our annual Christmas supper at Earl's. I ALWAYS have such good quality time with this group. Before moving to our house almost 5 years ago I specifically prayed to develop authentic community with my neighbors. I never expected that God had this diverse group of caring, supportive and funny women in store. I am thankful......and....CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement SUE (& Ken, too)!

Oh My.......

Delightful eye candy! Kathy Murray and I indulged ourselves and ordered this fabulous fabric from CristaQuilts. I have been wanting to 'brighten up' my space. Cheery and maybe try to in some way start anew from the mess I have found myself in these past few to think of it, things have been upside down in my life for about 9-10 months already.

My friend Ange, gave me this card that said: "Live imperfectly with great delight. Life is tough. I recommend getting a manicure and a really cute helmet."
Ahhh, my helmet is on.